The six toy series, shown here wrapped in their original packaging, but not in their original Kids Meals.

When Wild Wild West was released in 1999, popular fast food chain Burger King featured a line of six promotional toys dedicated to the film. These were distributed with their Kids Meal menu item.

Marshal Artemus Gordon Rocket RiderEdit

The Artemus motorcycle toy features the secondary protagonist, Marshal Artemus Gordon , riding a rocket-style Rocket Rider. The Rocket Rider depicted is a form of rocket-steam-powered bicycle used by the character in the film. However, the toy is powered by neither rockets, steam, nor pedals, relying on the far more sophisticated "friction engine" technology common in Kids Meal products.

Rita on StagecoachEdit

The Rita on Stagecoach item, a favorite of more high-brow collectors, depicts character Rita Escobar atop a stagecoach. Interestingly enough, the coach is unattached to any horse, toy or otherwise, and therefore incapable of motion. Clearly, someone didn't really think this through.

James West on his horseEdit

This toy features the likeness of Will Smith as James West riding on his black horse. The finely-sculpted haunches of this magnificent beast contrast well with Smith's stoic features, lending an air of seriousness rendered ironically humorous when the toy's mechanism bucks our protagonist from his equine shoulders to the ground.

Secret Spy PenEdit

One of the finest pieces of machinery in Kids Meal history, the state-of-the-art, weapons grade Spy Pen included in the Wild Wild West series features innovative and visionary features that have been a game changer in modern international espionage. Including such spy devices as a laser pointer, cell phone, wood saw, geiger counter, miniature flute, travel chess set, gun, toothbrush, saltine crackers, original Picasso print, Will Smith, bar code scanner, copy of the 2013 UChicago Scav Hunt list, a second backup Spy Pen, an album playing the Wild Wild West theme on a loop, and a pen.

Gold Rapid-fire SquirterEdit

This item depicts the notorious gold fire-squirter utilized in the film. The toy is often considered a point of contention within the Wild Wild West community in regards to whether it is golden and rapidly squirts fire, or rapidly squirts golden fire. In fact, they toy does not squirt any real fire at all, much to the dismay of most fans.

The Tarantula TankEdit

The Tarantula Tank toy item, much like the Mechanical Giant Spider Tank upon which it was based, serves as an iconic symbol of the American spirit and the power of modern society's collective arachnophobia to manifest itself in the least subtle way possible. Because the only thing more terrifying than a giant robot terrorizing the peaceful, idyllic saloons of the otherwise-not-wild West is that same robot, but as a spider. However, the Tarantula Tank serves as a perennial crowd-pleaser and a wonderful conversation piece for any Wild Wild West enthousiast.